Rather than attempting to redefine the concept of Rhizoma, Obsolete Capitalism tries to problematize the idea of Deleuze and Guattari to “ make Rhizoma”.
How is it possible, in the changed scenario of cybernetic systems and networks, to produce a philosophical, artistic, and logistic approach that makes of decentralization, of floating junction, a style of work of meaning and of existence? The desire to put pragmatics before speculative theorising may be seen as the search for a real experimentation of ways of life and of relationships in form of aggregations, outside the ordinariness and the schematic nature of the market, of pre-established circuits, and of formal logics institutional.
Not knowing what final aim the choral work of “rhizome as a non-predetermined process” seeks, we do not foresee at all what the results will be, even if only intermediate. Certainly, at the moment, the most beautiful and poetic discovery of “making Rhizoma” is the concentration of energy that it manages in many directions, the discovery and situations that otherwise would remain completely amorphous, buried or simply never born.
In this sense, the decentralized, recombinant and autopoietic rhizome serves as both a spatial attractor and a dynamic energizer.

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We live in an information society in which data has become a commodity; we offer Data Mining from a Post-Marxist Perspective (We’re sorry about the visual noise but we’re in our Metal Box In Dub era).